The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

AA girl. A boy. His mother. And the lie she’ll wish she’d never told.

The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances is a gripping and chilling debut psychological thriller, based on the fall-out following an unforgiveable lie. It looks at the potentially charged relationship between girlfriend, boyfriend and his mother, which most women can identify with, and locates it in an extreme but believable setting.

Laura has it all. A successful career, a long marriage to a rich husband, and a twenty-three year-old son, Daniel, who is kind, handsome, and talented. Then Daniel meets Cherry. Cherry is young, beautiful and smart but she hasn’t had the same opportunities as Daniel. And she wants Laura’s life.

Cherry comes to the family wide-eyed and wants to be welcomed with open arms, but Laura suspects she’s not all that she seems.

When tragedy strikes, an unforgiveable lie is told. It is an act of desperation, but the fall-out will change their lives forever.

(Synopsis as on the book)

I enjoyed this read, I would say it was an ‘easy read thriller’ good for summer when you want to immerse yourself in a good story but not feel too heavy afterwards.

I loved Cherry’s character I thought she was such an interesting person who was fully aware of her flaws but tried to use them to her advantage. I actually wanted her to win and get away with everything she was doing, partly because I truly believed she loved Daniel despite being a little bit crazy.

Daniel was just a lovable goof and I felt sorry for him being stuck in the middle between Cherry and his mother. I feel he was trying to do what was best by everyone and sometimes forgetting what was best for him.

Ugh…Laura. I didn’t dislike her character but she was a bit of a wet blanket. I think the reason she started doubting Cherry was in part her own fault and not a big enough red flag for it to merit calling Cherry a gold digger. 

I think it was supposed to call on mother’s instinct which is totally fine but the way she went about it and the lie she told to Cherry about Daniel was just a mess beyond messes. I don’t think her actions fit well with her character.

Both Cherry and Laura I would say we’re portrayed as villians for the most part but Laura’s sudden change to the ultimate victim just didn’t sit right with me. I just didn’t feel she had reason to be as skittish as she presented.

However I found the ending really good and wasn’t disappointed but it would of been interesting to of seen how it would of turned out the other way around. 

I’m trying not to give too much away here…

But yes it was a good read with a good plot that kept me turning the page and I would definitely recommend.

I’d give this 3.5 stars out of 5


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