Journey to self love

A bit of a different post today. I love having a good pamper as much as the next person but having all this free time for probably the last summer for a very long time I decided to try something different.

I found a self-love life hack online of 30 reasons or things to do in order to treat yourself better and with the respect we all deserve… ultimately ways to love yourself.

So I thought I would use my Instagram account (@shauna.bee) to post a picture daily stating what the mantra is for that day and how I’ve tried to achieve that. I want to then do weekly updates on this blog going into more detail about each day’s challenge.

Part of my blogs name is beauty and I aim to review beauty products but I also mainly want to explore inner beauty and the beauty around us that the world has to offer and of course the beauty in other people.

I do yoga most days and through this practice have found a whole new mindset and outlook on life that I continually want to explore and improve on. I have struggled with anxiety and poor self-esteem my entire life but in my early twenties I made the choice to start changing that. It’s been a long road that only really started making a significant difference in how I see myself around two years ago and then even more so when yoga came into my life in a big way just over a year ago.

Self exploration and improvement is something so important that everyone should be interested in and I don’t think people talk about it enough so I thought I would start doing just that.

Anyway, you can follow me on Instagram and here on the blog for updates if you are interested and please feel free to join in and post your own pictures about what you are doing to develop your own self-love. Feel free to tag me and share your stories, I’d love to read them.

Let’s start something positive!!


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